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Hello my beautiful voyagers!!
How was your week? hope you had a great time!
For this week, I've brought to you my simple winner go-to outfit!
Don't you have days that you just want to "throw" something on yourselves and go?
Something that is comfortable, light and just make you look beautiful?
Well, my friends, here's your answer! I chose to wear a black casual midi dress, with slits on both sides, with a pair of black lace up heels.
I combined this outfit with some silver accessories (of course it can be gold too), for those who know me better, I don't use silver jewelry much, 
but sometimes I feel like it's a must! ( like this time :)  )
Anyway, the accessories play a major role in this outfit since they make everything more chic and give the look some edge! don't you think?

I would really like to read your comments and know what you guys think! 
Love you so so much!

Hello my voyagers!
As you can see, I can never get enough of black&white outfits! It's always a win!
So this time a it's bit different, I chose plaid texture!
I fell in love with this dress not only because of its pattern, but also because it looks like it combines a long blouse that peeps from the bottom!! (it's all about the details,  right?;)  )
Also, it can be worn for a business meeting as well as a night out outfit.

So fun! Weekend is over the corner and it excites me!
wish you all a wonderful one!


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Helloooo voyagers!!
Yesterday I've attended at the yearly graduation of SHENKER'S FASHION SHOW 2016 !
It was really amazing!!! The seniors have been working on their designs for the whole year and did a unique work!!
 I'm just sorry I haven't sat closer :/
But still, I tried to sneak you some of the outfits that were presented :)

Guys, a new designs generation was born!
So with that, I'll let you be impressed by these photos:)

Hello Voyagers!!! :)
In just a bit, I'm about to finish my 2nd year of fashion design studies!!
So now it's the final projects, works and tests.. and I wanted to give you a closer look 
to what I'm doing ^^

This semester we had a fashion illustration class and for the final task, we were asked
to choose a fashion house and illustrate a catalogue for it.
I chose an Israeli fashion house, it's name is SAMPLE, runs by two sisters that do wonders! 
Their designs are so beautiful, sophisticated and clean! 
It is my kind of style, so I really love it :)

The teacher basically let us go wild and design it how we wanted..

As you all know fashion magazines and social media are flooded with flatlays and items of different brands that combine together under the same picture\page..
So I decided to make the catalogue contemporary and fashionable, and I did something similar :)

So after you take a closer look on the catalogue, does it look like a magazine? 
 Please let me know what you think and if you liked it :D

Thank you guys so much for all the love and comments!
Love you so much!!

My sweet voyagers!

How are you?! I've missed you so much!

I keep studying, as you know, but i recently had some time off, so I used it to travel to an enchanted place, here, at my country..
It is a Park And Reserve in Caesarea, that once was a Roman empire, 

they had a port, Hippodrome and a Roman theater.. 
and all that remain is its' ruins..
Believe me it is magical!
So enjoy the pictures and

let me know if you liked it :)

Hope you'll all have a great week!!
Love you guys!!

Oh sweet voyagers!
Days are passing by so fast!
This time, I wanted to show you my interpretation for a sharp outfit that can fit for the day or to rock the night! ;)
As you all know, black and white can never go wrong! and if you play with the black color it's even better!
I combined a pair of black jeans with a white asymmetric shirt and a black leather jacket.
Of course it provides us a lot of fun to play with accessories and any color will work well! but for a sharper look I prefer the metallics!

So, what do you guys think of this outfit? I hope that you like it and that it inspired you to go for a similar look yourselves for your next occasion :)

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting!

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SUNGLASSES: Dolce&Gabbana